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Articles > Is it hard to get loads with new authority?
Is it hard to get loads with new authority?

Is it hard to get loads with new authority?

November 23, 2022

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When you start out as a trucker, one of the most common issues you will run into revolves around your authority. When you start a new company or introduce yourself as a new carrier, you will have no authority. New trucking authorities will usually find that they have to take on smaller jobs to build some kind of reputation and cache within the industry. Is that always the case, though? Is it hard to get loads with new authority?

The main problem that you will be running into is that you will lack credibility. Brokers do not like to take risks, and a trucker with new authority is a risk. What if they cannot get there in time? What if something breaks or perishes? What if the carrier gets lost? These are all valid questions that carriers will need to answer.

Brokers will want to know that you can actually do the job, and this means that it is hard to get loads with new authority. The majority of brokers will not touch you unless you have been in business for at least thirty days – some, though, will not even see 90 days as enough and want to see six months at least of on-road performance.

Is it hard to get loads with new authority? It can be.

The main challenge that you probably face at this point is getting that crucial first job. Carriers need to ensure that they take on only jobs they know that they can complete – at least at first. Those first few jobs will give your account credibility in the form of completed jobs and positive responses from a carrier. Why does that matter? Because it makes brokers give you more than a quick glance.

If they see that you have already completed jobs – especially tasks similar to what they need – then they are much more likely to consider your application. If you want to try and break through this challenging industry barrier, though, try and focus on the following factors:

  • Make clear that you want to use the broker as a reference afterward – if they are not OK with this, you should probably look to find a broker who will provide a reference.
  • Own up to your inexperience but do not let it be used against you. Avoid trying to put on a veneer of being experienced, as it is easy for brokers to see through this disguise.
  • Get used to making sure that any and all paperwork you need to go through and submit is done so properly, thoroughly, and is submitted as quickly as you can.
  • Cover every detail that you need to know about the job before you begin. Make sure that you are both qualified and have the right equipment to manage this shipment.
  • Always ask questions. You might worry it gives your inexperience away, but brokers would rather answer questions than you pretend you know everything and then fail.
  • Especially for those first orders, make sure that you are there at least 20 minutes early. Aim for 30-45 minutes, though, as it shows a willingness to work and to get ahead of schedule.
  • Make sure that you play by the rules – this means things like checking calls at the time you are asked to and using GPS tracking apps as designated by the broker.

Making the most of your new authority

The above factors will almost certainly make it easier for you to get loads with new authority. It will still be a challenge, and you will need to be patient. If you want to find brokers who will be happy to look at a new authority, then you should look to use load boards that include Online Freight, Convoy, Uber Freight, and even Amazon Relay. None of these promise the best prices or conditions, but they do give you a chance to find regular work and show the marketplace that you are someone who can be trusted to get the job done.

If you focus on all of the above, then you are much more likely to be able to land work as a new authority. As your experience and reputation grow, then you will no longer have to worry about this. For those initial first steps, though, focus heavily on the above – it is arguably your best shot at making this work in your favor.

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