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What is Highway Weather?

Highway Weather is an innovative app that combines the ability to generate weather forecasts along the entirety of a route. Forecasts are adjusted in real-time to reflect the time at which the vehicle is passing through a location, the class of vehicle, and severe weather alerts local to the area at the time of transit.

While Highway Weather was one of the first weather-routing apps to appear on the app stores, its success has generated immitators. What continues to set us apart?

  • All fundamental capabilities are provided for free, always. We believe in enhancing safety and we always want our users to Arrive Safely.
  • This free tier includes forecasts of temperature, wind, precipitation, severe weather alerts, and live camera footage of the environment.
  • Users can adjust their departure time with an easy to use slider and instantly see updated forecasts.
  • Users can even plan for stops (short or long) and the subsequent route will instantly adjust the forecasts.
  • Also included in our free tier is our Departure Assistant. This provides machine learning-enhanced recommendations on the best time to leave on your trip.
  • There is no limit to the number of uses provided by our free tier.

The subscription tier includes our innovative Drive Now feature, which proactively scans the road ahead while the vehicle is on the move. Negative changes to the forecast in the area ahead will automatically notify the driver, giving them plenty of time to adjust their plans.

The subscription is currently offered for $14.99/year with a free 14-day trial.

For users who don’t want the subscription but also don’t like ads, we offer a simple one-time purchase to permanently remove ads for $4.99.

Highway Weather was originally branded as “Weather Route”, but this earlier branding has since evolved into another form. The original app was designed by co-founder Devan Stormont.

What is Weather Route Technology?

Weather Route Technology is foundationally the tech underlying Highway Weather. It is available to third parties as a licensed API.

The Weather Route API provides a nexus of data between more typical geolocation/routing services and those that provide weather forecasting. In particular, the API is focused on estimating upcoming weather conditions when considering a vehicle on the move.

Different capabilities are provided to suit a variety of needs:

  • What we call the “forecast matrix”, a set of time-scaled weather forecasts distributed over multiple GPS locations.
  • Machine learning-enhanced recommendations of the best path through the forecast matrix.
  • Access to the weather-routing capabilities used by Highway Weather.
  • More traditional routing, geolocation, and weather forecasting capabilities for those who have more fine-grained needs.

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Where Can I Download Highway Weather?

You can download the app from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Get Highway Weather on Google PlayGet Highway Weather on the App Store
Get Highway Weather on Google Play
Get Highway Weather on the App Store

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