Weather Route API

The Weather Route API provides a nexus of data between typical geolocation/routing services and those that provide weather forecasting.
In particular, the API is focused on estimating upcoming weather conditions when considering a vehicle on the move. However, the API capabilities extend beyond this narrow use case.

Common Use Cases

Estimating the impact of weather on deliveries.
Car traveling
Forecasting for consumer travel.
Site monitoring
Site Monitoring
Monitoring weather at a fixed location.


The Weather Route API provides a number of unique capabilities that bridge the gap between both routing and weather forecasting:
  • Estimate the impact of upcoming weather along a route on the day of travel - or an estimate of weather on the day of delivery.
  • Leverage severe weather alerts to proactively notify ahead of time.
  • Estimate the best and worst weather conditions along a route.
  • Use Weather Route's unique forecast scoring capabilities to quickly evaluate the best possible route around difficult weather conditions.
The Weather Route API can also be used for more traditional and segmented needs:
  • Generating multiple, alternate routes between 2 locations or generate routes with waypoints.
  • Generating a route using GPS coordinates, zip codes, city names, or other addresses.
  • Geocoding locations into GPS coordinates and reverse geocoding back into area descriptions.
  • Generating hourly and multi-daily forecasts for a single location or a batch of locations.
  • Retrieving severe weather alerts.